Tale of The Immortals

Stellar void


At the beginning of time, there was the Goddess of Creation: Anu, All Mother. And just as she emerged from the nothingness that came before, so did her two sisters, Saranyu and Sedna. The Three Sisters ranged across the vast void and finding nothing else decided that they should create a place for them to dwell that brought them delight. Saranyu created the stars and sky that surrounded all that was to exist. Sedna created water and oceans so that there would be a reflection of her sister’s creation. Anu, the wisest, created a land between the two other sisters so they could meet. And thus was our world created.

While The Sisters were delighted with their work, the exhilaration of creation was profound. They wanted other beings who could talk to them but they knew not how. Until one day, Anu gathered clay from the worlds she had created and the nurturing water from her sister Sedna. She then formed it into a shape and baked it in the fires of the stars created by Saranyu. When she was done, the three sisters together breathed life into them. From that was formed the first gods beyond the Three Sisters.

Her sisters joined her and from them came gods in many shapes. And while most were perfect, some were twisted and misshapen but they were theirs and The Sisters saved them and loved them but called them demons and devils instead of gods.

After time unfathomable, Anu, Mother Goddess, called her son and daughter gods to her. She wanted them to share in the joy of creation so she decreed that there should be life on the new worlds such as ours that the Three Sisters had created. All of the Three Sisters challenged them to create it. The various gods created creatures large and small from terrible dinosaurs to tiny beetles. And Anu and her sisters were pleased. However, An Chéadghin, Anu’s oldest daughter, locked herself away and did not participate in the competition. When Anu asked why, An Chéadghin came forward and said that she had a special gift for her mother, something that came from Anu’s own most favored creations, the Solari. The Solari were Anu’s first born, even before her son and daughter goddesses, and to this day serve as her special messengers, eternally bathed in golden light. They were perfect in form but not as powerful as the gods created by The Three Sisters.

An Chéadghin had chosen five willing Solari and through her magic and theirs created a new sentient race. These were the Elves. Anu was very pleased and sent down the Elves to rule the newly created forests of the world. But Sturm, another of Anu’s sons had also created a race of beings. His were the Dwarves. Anu was pleased with them and sent them to rule the newly risen mountains from beneath the land.

Both races grew strong and some found the secret of Immortality, becoming gods in their own right. It was two of these, one Elf and one Dwarf that ascended to the company of gods but who wanted to please An Chéadghin and Sturm respectively. Garamsha, the Elf, thought the Elves were too weak and too slow to reproduce so he created the race of Orcs from his own blood. Unfortunately, his soul and mind were twisted and the Orcs were a reflection of this, turning the Elvish features porcine and cruel. He named them after his brother, Orcus, who shared these features and ruled the underworld where the wicked were sent after death.

The Orcs became warlike and hateful, attacking the Elves at every chance. Thus began the War of Four Races. For some time, it appeared as if the Elves would be wiped from the face of the planet. However, the Dwarves of Sturm came to rescue the Elves, riding out of the mountains and bashing back the Orcs. That is when Mobliyet, a former Dwarf who had reached Immortality, created the Goblins from his own Dwarf blood. Like the Orcs of Garamsha, the Goblins were cruel, twisted evil reflections of the first born race. They bubbled up from the depths of the Dwarvish mines, over powering the lawful Dwarves. While the Dwarvish/Elvish Armies beat back the Orcs to truce, the Elves were in no shape to assist the Dwarves against the Goblins. Many Dwarves died but eventually they reached an uneasy truce as well. But the world had been decimated and the alliance between Dwarves and Elves was broken. It was at this time that Anu decided to act to bring unity. She took parts of the Orcs and the Goblins and the Dwarves and the Elves and finally a piece from every Immortal including herself. She used this to create Humans.

Humans grew strong and attempted to bring peace to the world. But eventually they too came to mistrust and hate the Orcs and Goblins.

Sometime after the creation of Humans, a great civilization grew upon the world. These Humans had an Empire which spanned much of the land mass of the Western world. These are now known as The Old People but Anu called them the Tuath.

Anu, Saranyu and Sedna marveled at all that they had created and that their children had created. But they saw that the children gods needed another challenge. For aeons they debated the best challenge and finally decided on one question which would surely challenge their sons and daughters. Which is stronger: earth, sky, water or fire? The gods went after the world and each other with a vengeance and the world suffered even more than it had in the War of Four Races. Fire storms burned the forest. Tornadoes buffed the land clean after earthquakes and mudslides destroyed great swaths of civilization. But it was the floods and the rising of the ocean that had the greatest effect. Large continents became islands of their mountains, just peaking above the surf.The Elves and Dwarves and Human and Orcs and Goblins fled from the destruction but there was no hiding from the water. Entire cities were swallowed by the sea and the inhabitants became sea ghosts. The Tuath disappeared from the land and it appeared that all was lost.

But Anu, seeing the destruction of the world intervened. She reversed the course of the tides and declared the contests over saying that it proves that there must be balance in all things. The five races returned and were joined by others which the gods created to quickly re-populate the world. These races included the Halflings and Gnomes as well as Kobolds and the many breeds of Goblinoids (Bugbears and hobgoblins for instance).

Tale of The Immortals

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