Cloaked rider

The light of the sun falls first
on the Lonely Coast . . .

In the farthest flung reaches of the shattered Carien Empire lies the Lonely Coast, an isolated borderland territory isolated by thick forests and stormy waters. Populated by hardy and industrious folk, the settled lands are built upon and amongst the ancient ruins and hidden treasure caches of the Old People lying forgotten in the untamed places of the Tangled Wood.

The Lonely Coast is all but forgotten to many who still live in the fairer parts of the Carien Empire. Some ships arrive from other towns along the Azure Sea, keeping the region in the minds of a few. The region still offers slate, tin, timber and furs to the southern merchantmen but the way is perilous due to dangers natural and man-made.

Travel by land is no better as the region is bordered by the gloomy, trackless Tangled Wood. In the twilight world beneath the forest’s boughs, goblinoid tribes, incessantly war against one another. Even worse, men whisper that ghosts of an elder age stalk the deepest, unknowable reaches of this ancient woodland. Beyond the forest lie soaring mountains with few navigable passes.

It is into this land that the characters are born. Each was touched at birth by the Gods and is destined for great things. But will those great things be for good or for evil? Will the promise of Carien be returned or forever forgotten under the heel of despotism? Will these few make a difference in the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos? Will they achieve the dreams of the Immortals or become Immortal themselves and overthrow the very Gods who created them? All remains to be seen for even Sulis, goddess of prophecy, remains silent on their fate.

The Lonely Coast is an online game based loosely on Raging Swan Press’ Lonely Coast setting, using the Roll20 Virtual Desktop application and Classic D&D (B/X) rules. What is Classic D&D? It is a version of Dungeons & Dragons published between roughly 1981 and 1995 which some people call Basic. There were numerous additions and revisions but the system was designed for easy game play.

The Lonely Coast